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Re: Forcing window geometry

Adam Carlson writes:
 > Clim 2.0
 > Lispworks 3.2 b
 > X11 w/ twm window manager
 > How can I specify where on the screen an application frame should come
 > up.  As it is now, when the application frame is created, the window
 > manager presents an outline and asks the user to place (and possible
 > resize) it.  A portable solution would be best, but for now I'll take
 > something that will work for my system.

(Unless Lispworks is buggy), this is a window manager issue, not a CLIM
issue.  (You should see the same behavior for non-Lisp applications).

Try adding the following to your .twmrc file:
RandomPlacement				# Don't ask the user where windows go.
UsePPosition "non-zero"			# Allow applications to specify 
					# window position.



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