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CLIM text editor

Hi CLIMers,

I've seen several requests for a CLIM based text editor, the last days. I can
inform you that there is already such a thing in the CLIM repository. I.e. a
text editor with emacs style commands, that wrote some time ago. It is a text
editor frame, not a popup window, but it shouldn't be difficult to package it
as a popup-window. Since then text editor was uploaded it has been further
developed, in fact it now supports colored and underlined text, as well as 
hyperlinks. I'll try to clean it up and put the newest version in the CLIM 
repository this weekend. BTW, it is based on CLIM 1.1, but I don't think very
CLIM 1.1 specific stuff. Anyway, anyone interested in using it should be able
to convert it to CLIM 2.0 quite quickly.

Hallvard Traetteberg
Sect. for Knowledge Based Systems
Oslo, Norway

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