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Views within AVs

    Date: Thu, 20 Jan 1994 14:35 EST
    From: Benjamin Renaud <>

    CLIM 2.0/Genera 8.3

    As I mentioned in an earlier message, I use views in one of my
    applications (I like views- they allow nice abstractions). However, it
    looks like accept ignores specializations on view when within a
    accepting-values- is there some arcane reason why it shouldn't?

You should send me a small reproducible losing case.  ACCEPTING-VALUES
has sort of magic model for doing things, in that it first gathers
fields of the dialogs, and only calls ACCEPT when you click on
something.  You could be reporting one of two things: the field comes
out wrong in the dialog (in which case you should be specializing the
ACCEPT-PRESENT-DEFAULT method), or when CLIM really calls ACCEPT, the
view doesn't get passed along.

I verified that there is a genuine problem in dialogs that causes dialog
queries not to remember the view they were called with, so I think there
may be a bug here.  But I don't know if that is what you are seeing.


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