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clim2, command-enabled, and the menu-bar

I am asking this question because I cant find any answers
in the clim 2.0 specification.

If a frame is using a look-and-feel specified menu-bar
(e.g., a motif menu-bar), is the implementation required
to deactivate a menu-item button for a command whose
(command-enabled ...) method returns nil?

All I found in the spec is that if someone does
(setf (command-enabled ...) nil) then a method 
(note-command-en(dis)abled ...) is called and it is
"expected" that the corresponding menu-items are changed

What I would even like better is the following behavior which would
be more consistent with CLIM's own command-menu-pane behavior:

As far as I understand, the sensitivity of CLIM's menu-items are controlled
by the applicabilty of presentation-to-command-translators. The effect is
that If a (command-enabled <command>) returns nil, then the translator is not
applicable and hence the item is not "mouse sensitive".

I would like the the motif-style pull-donw-menus work the following way:
when a pull-down menu is displayed and a button of that menu contains
a command, then it is checked whether the command is enabled and
accessible and the activation status of the button gadget is set
approriately. The advantage is that the "enabled" status
of a command menu-item can not only be changed by the 
(setf (command-enabled ...) ..)
method, but also by specialised methods like

(defmethod command-enabled ((command (eql 'com-foo) frame &optional comtab))

This approach seems far more approriate because in this case the command
itself can decide whether is is applicable or not in a given state.
Otherwise everyone who changes a state must know what commands are
affected --- which may be very difficult.

So my question: What does the spec require and
how do the existing CLIM implementations behave?

have a nice weekend - Stefan B.
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