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(ACCEPT '(AND EXPRESSION (SATISFIES <func>))) doesn't work right

CLIM 2.0 Beta on LispWorks 3.2.21 Beta 4 and Allegro 4.2.beta2.0

If I type the following into the CLIM Lisp Listener:

(clim:accept '(and number (satisfies oddp)))

then a previous presentation of 13 highlights, but a previous
presentation of 12 does not highlight.  This is as it should be.  If,
however, I use CLIM:EXPRESSION instead of NUMBER:

(clim:accept '(and clim:expression (satisfies oddp)))

then both 12 and 13 highlight.  Why doesn't AND correctly apply the
SATISFIES test for CLIM:EXPRESSION just as it does for NUMBER?

        Lawrence G. Mayka
        AT&T Bell Laboratories

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