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Re: multiple-color drawing...

        Date: Fri, 21 Jan 1994 22:10 EST
        From: Colin Meldrum <>
        At the moment the best you can do is to find the bounding rectangle of
        text you are going to draw, draw a filled rectangle in the text
        and then draw the text in the text foreground. This works fine if you
        drawing all your text explicitly with calls to draw-text - but it
        tricky if your text output is produced by format onto a clim-stream
        a filling-output for example.
    SURROUNDING-OUTPUT-WITH-BORDER already does the right thing.

But how can I use SURROUNDING-OUTPUT-WITH-BORDER to do the trick of drawing a 
filled (and opaque) background rectangle *behind* the surrounded stuff?

;;; - Stefan Bernemann   (


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