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Slight problem with custom output records

   Date:	Tue, 18 Jan 1994 11:21:56 -0800
   From:	Curt Eggemeyer <>

   This is got to be something trivial I'm missing. I have my own custom output
   records within my pane's coordinate-sorted-set and if I manually do a replay
   to those records they display themselves appropriately after I do a
   window-set-viewport-position*, BUT if I scroll that pane via the default clim
   scroll bar, my presentations disappear and they don't redisplay themselves.
   But then if I manually invoke replay on it, it appears appropriately offsetted
   according to the new viewport position.

   If I manually do replay on the coordinate-sorted-set for that pane that
   fails also!  So what tie-in am I missing between my pane's top level output
   record and my output-records?  My output-records are elements to that
   coordinate-sorted-set and the coordinate-sorted-set is a parent to my

Well, your records might be incorrectly mainting the position/size
info used by output record replay to test for the record being
visible.  Look at (describe) the records and see if their bounding
boxes and output-record-position* values look right.

Trace CLIM::REPLAY-1 and see if it gets called on your records.

   My output-records have presentation, output-record-mixin,
   output-record-element-mixin, and displayed-output-record-element as mixins.

In what order?

Are your new records going to be "leaf" records, or will they have
children?  Oh, I see, they are supposed to be presentations and
therefore may have inferiors.

Why not just subclass the STANDARD-PRESENTATION class?  That will get
you all the standard behavior.  What characteristic of presentation
behavior are you trying to change?


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