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multiple-color background drawing

    Date: Tue, 25 Jan 1994 11:02 EST

    the important extra fact to note here is that s-o-w-b has
    &allow-other-keys, and those keys are things which are acceptable to
    draw-rectangle*, which is why :ink and :filled work

    my manual (Allegro clim-2-beta) doesn't show the &allow-other-keys,
    which was part of the reason I didn't see where to start solving this.
    and the rest of the explanation with it is kind of weak.  an example
    would be primo.

I just looked in my brand new Symbolics CLIM 2.0 manual (it just
arrived from the printers yesterday!), and I was dismayed to discover
that I, too, failed to document those crucial drawing arguments in
surrounding-output-with-border.  Sigh.  I guess I'll have to go beat
up the author.


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