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Symbolics' CLIM Manual

A while back Scott McKay announced that Symbolics would
be selling copies of the CLIM 2 manual that he had written.

If there are any european CLIM users who would like to order
copies here is the relevant ordering info.

Happy CLIM hacking,


Hardcopy CLIM 2 manual:

In order to purchase a copy of the CLIM 2 manual we will need
a purchase order number and a cheque or transfer for 47 pounds 
or $70 per copy.  Unfortunately we can only accept cheques 
drawn from a recognised UK clearing bank, i.e. National Westminster,
Lloyds, etc.  Alternatively a transfer can be made directly to 
our bank account:-

National Westminster Bank
PO Box 17
33 High Street
High Wycombe
HP 11 1JX

Account No.	61528048	(pounds sterling transfers)
Account No.	02848147	(US dollar transfers)
Account Name:	Symbolics Limited
Sort Code:	60-11-01

We are unable to accept credit cards of any type.

Please send your purchase order and cheque to:-

Symbolics Limited
London Road
High Wycombe
HP11 1TF


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