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Re: Spreadsheet style input method (or AVV)

  Date:     Wed, 26 Jan 94 8:39:35 EST
  From:     Nichael Cramer <ncramer@BBN.COM>

  7] Finally, wrt a question implicit in your "Subject" line, this system is
  designed to be a seperate self-contained display; i.e. it's not something
  that would be included into, say, an AVV window.  Jeff Morrill has
  suggested looking into trying to turn some subset of this into an
  "array-view", but nothing has come of this (yet).
Nichael's spreadsheet program is proof that a good implementation takes
a lot of work and a lot of thought.

My "view" idea was:

1.  Implement the spreadsheet as a custom CLIM 2.0 gadget.
2.  Implement a "spreadsheet-view" to apply to objects that have rows and
    columns (i.e. 2D arrays) that generates the above gadget.

As a general point of advice, I recommend that customized editors be
implemented as custom gadgets.  I put an example file on the clim library
some time ago providing examples of how to do this.  Gadgets provide a
useful way of packaging up some functionality that hides from the user
implementation details, such as how to initialize and how to redisplay.

It would be nice to see an accumulation of custom gadgets
in the clim library.

jeff morrill

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