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How to post CLIM questions

    Date: Fri, 28 Jan 1994 09:47 EST
    From: Pete Grant <>

    I get all of the traffic that others post, but don't know
    how to post one myself.  mail? postnews?

You just send mail to CLIM@BBN.COM

    The question I plan to post has to do with porting CLIM 2.1
    app from Genera to Allegro.  I have lots of (signal 'sys:abort)'s
    that I have the convert to something acceptable to Franz.

[I've cc'ed CLIM@BBN.COM in case other people have the same question.]

I find that it is easy to write very portable applications by making your
application's package :USE the CLIM-LISP package.  The CLIM-LISP package
is there to insulate programmers (including CLIM implementors) from the
slight differences between various Lisp implementations.  I also make my
packages :USE the CLIM package as well, but some people may prefer to
explicitly write CLIM: in front of CLIM stuff.

When I do the above, I can generally move a program from one platform to
another in the time it takes to (1) get the file onto the other system,
and (2) compile and load it.

    Is there a portable method to have the system return back to the
    application frame's command loop or do I need to write a condition
    and its handler myself?

To directly answer your question about using Genera's SYS:ABORT condition,
you should just use the dpANS Common Lisp ABORT restart instead.

CLIM's command loop establishes a default restart handler for ABORT.

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