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Re: Command Table Menu Inheritance

  Date: Tue, 1 Feb 94 13:04:24 CST

  When do menu actually inherit commands from command-tables?

  I ignored the following minor inconvenience so far, but
  now that CLIM2.0 is getty much more stable everywhere, may
  be this can be cleaned or clarified:

  "Is the only reliable way to get commands to come up
  predictably in the menu-bar to list them one
  by one, is that to be expected?"

  Below is an example a friend passed to me that does
  not seem to inherit a command where I thought it should.
  (We assume the :MENU option defaults to T as described
  in the documentation.) Any comment?

As Scott pointed out you should use :inherit-menu t


(define-application-frame frame2 ()
  (:pointer-documentation t)
   (design-area :application))
  (:command-table (frame2
		   :inherit-from (frame1)

Unfortunately there is a bug in the handling of :inherit-menu in ACL CLIM
2.0. I'm going to make a patch for CLIM 2.0 final which I can send to you
if you want. 

  Also we experience strange effects when recompiling application
  frame definitions with additional commands, or when dynamically
  adding new definitions in two versions of CLIM2.0 we tried.
  Even when restarting a new frame (after destroying the previous one)
  we do not get the new commands, except those explicitely listed
  one by one. The example below can be used to test these cases as well.

Could you be more specific about the circumstances under which this problem
occurs? As a workaround you might try removing all the command tables and
then reloading your code. You can use 


to do this.

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