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Re: clos object wierdness ..

>Date: Fri, 11 Feb 1994 12:02:42 -0500
>From: Richard Billington <>

> <...code deleted...>

>In MCL (in NO OTHER LISP/CLIM) I get a compiler
>warning about "incompatible supertypes" between
>"d" and "presentation-type d"...

I sent this out to the clim list back in October and received nary a
response.  We have since stopped porting any of our CLIM-based
software to MCL.

This is not the same problem, but it does appear to be a compiler

  Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 18:06:19 -0400
  From: "David L. Westbrook" <>
  Sender: westy@titanic
  Subject: MCL CLIM 1.1 bug: define-presentation-type compiler error

  CLIM 1.1 + patches  MCL 2.0.1

  While compiling the file that contains this definition

  (define-presentation-type clasp-pathname () 
     :inherit-from 'pathname
     :options (new-name new-type label))

  I get the following error while it is compiling that form:
  > Error: value COMPILE-FILE is not of the expected type

  >From looking at the backtrace it appears as if 
  the macro is expanding to code that ends up calling
  'find-presentation-type-class' with a third argument of 'COMPILE-FILE.
  I believe this argument is supposed to be an environment object.

  The same error also occurs during file compilation of this form:

  (define-presentation-type partition-clause () :inherit-from 'expression)

  Other 'define-presentation-type' forms of similar arguments compile
  correctly. The thing both of the erring forms seem to have in common
  which is different from the non-erring forms is that they both inherit
  from predefined CLIM presentation types.

  If I change COMPILE-FILE to NIL in the backtrace window and restart
  the frame the compilation proceeds correctly.

  The forms compile correctly if compiled using Eval Selection.

David L. Westbrook


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