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Help buttons in Notify-User frame?

	Been having several problems with Allegro 4.2 beta2.0 and
CLIM.  Colin was very helpful but some questions remain.  The two
giving me the most heartburn are HELP buttons on notify-user frames,
and getting a pane with only 1 line in an application-frame.

1.  Notify-user - I have tried several incantations, the latest looks
like this:

	(defmethod ABOUT ((Application base-frame))
	  (let*  ((about-style (make-text-style :fix '(:bold :italic)
		  (Parent_Window (frame-top-level-sheet
		  (current-style (medium-default-text-style
	   (setf (medium-default-text-style Parent_Window)
		(notify-user application format nil "2%10t"This is
about the program" :documentation "A documentation string"
		:exit-boxes '((:help "[HELP]")(:exit "[ OK ]"))
		:associated-window Parent_Window 
		:name "Disclaimer")
	   (help () (notify-user application "No Help for you!"
		:exit-boxes '((:exit " [ OK ] "))))
	   (abort () (format t "Aborted")))
	(setf (medium-default-text-style Parent_Window)

;This appears to do the right thing unless you click on the help
button.  In that case it simply hangs.  If CTRL-Cd one of the retarts
is HELP.  If continued, it does infact display the correct frame.  Is
there a problem calling notify-user inside notify user?  It hangs
in xm-silica::wait-for-callback-invocation

2.  The second problem is making a frame with panes sized with :height
'(1 :line) :max-height '(1 :line) :min-height '(1 :line). In spite of
the specifications, the pane appears to be more like three to four
lines in height.  In fact, when examined, the frame-pane specification
suggests the space-requirements are 0,100,1000000 (1 line), (1 line),
(1 line) and the default text style is (:serif :bold :large) while the
text-style is (:fix '(:bold :italic) :large).  The displayed text
appears to be correct, but the space allocated for the text is 2 to 3
times what should be allocated.  

Is there any MAGIC you know of to make these function as advertised,
or am I doing something bogus?  

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated....

Jim Robins (301) 688-0852



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