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Re: problems with 1.1 output records under incremental redisplay

>    When we call clim:draw-text with :start and :end to write a portion of
>    a string, the output record that is created is too long (according to
>    my programmer, long enough to include the entire string). That is,
>    selectable regions overflow far to the right. Does draw-text* ignore
>    :start and :end in deciding how big the output record should be?
> I didn't try this, since I don't have CLIM loaded right now.

My programmer (Massimo Paolucci) reports that when he copies the
substring and then calls draw-text* on the entire substring rather than
using :start and :end on the original string, the oversized record
problem goes away.  Seems like pretty strong evidence. 

So we will copy all our substrings until we hear from Lucid. 

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