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1.1: Right-click -> select in menu-choose (FAST REPLY NEEDED)

   Date: Fri, 18 Feb 1994 13:42:24 -0500 (EST)
   From: Daniel D Suthers <>

   CLIM 1.1.

   Need a quick reply if possible:  We are testing user with our interface
   today. Just did the first one, next coming in an hour.  User's
   frustration with the following problem is obscuring our measurement of
   what we really want to find out with these subjects.

   Right-click on clim:menu-choose puts up a menu containing just the one
   command. Right click again on this puts up a menu containing a very
   internal-representation of the command. How do I get clim:menu-choose to
   treat right-click and left-click the same (i.e., select a menu item)? 

   The problem is User expects that if right brings up the menu, right
   should operate on it. 

   We use right-click within the application to bring up the menu so I
   can't do it by changing the gesture binding within the application as a
   whole. I need this local to clim:menu-choose, which has no argument to
   control this. Is there a LET for gestures? 

   thanks, please reply direct -- 

This is the menu item identity translator from CLIM 2.0; I think it is
the same in CLIM 1.1, but am not sure.

You can change the gesture to be T to cause any pointer gesture to
select the pointed-to item.

(in-package :clim)	;really :clim-internals for CLIM 2.0
(define-presentation-translator menu-item-identity
    (menu-item menu-item global-command-table
     :priority 1		;prefer this to IDENTITY
     :tester-definitive t
     :documentation ((object stream)
		     (let ((documentation (or (menu-item-documentation object)
					      (menu-item-display object))))
		       (write documentation :stream stream :escape nil)))
     :gesture :select)
    (object presentation)
  (values object (presentation-type presentation)))


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