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	id m0pXllk-0004toC; Sat, 19 Feb 94 02:06 EST
Message-Id: <m0pXllk-0004toC@paper-clip>
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 94 02:06 EST
From: wwinston@paper-clip (R. Whitney Winston)

Subject: Gadget Output Records


I've got an application that has a command which gets a pane from the
application frame and then adds a gadget to that panes output history
using the following:

(with-output-as-gadget (pane)
  (make-pane 'my-pane ... ))

However, when I try to run this, I get the following error:

>>Error: The generic function ADD-OUTPUT-RECORD is missing this required method type: PRIMARY

   Rest arg 0 (ARGS): (#<GADGET-OUTPUT-RECORD /x 0:0 y 15:15/ 2CCA9CE> #<GADGET-OUTPUT-RECORD /x 0:0 y 0:0/ 2CC9456>)
:C  0: Try combining the methods _without_ the required methods.
:A  1: Return to Graph command level
    2: Graph top level
    3: Exit Graph
    4: Abort to Lisp Top Level

What's the problem here?  Does anyone have an idea? 

Thanks alot,

Whitney Winston

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