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Completion Query

   Date:     Mon, 14 Feb 94 16:47:02 EST
   From: Nichael Cramer <ncramer@BBN.COM>


   I need to do completion on a set of object names *except* that I need to
   also accept "new" names (i.e. I want to accept invalid input).

   In short I would like "activation" behavior something like the following:

   #\Space ==> "Complete as far as possible" (i.e. do the "normal" completion

   #\Return ==> "Accept whatever I've got, as is."

   (Basically I want it to work more or less like the pathname completion does
   on Find-File in Gnumacs.)

   Changing the activation characters only changes the characters which invoke
   "total" completion (i.e. there is no way to terminate on "invalid" cases).

   Using the :ALLOW-ANY-INPUT option seems to basically turn off completion.
   I.e. it gives me the input as is, but doesn't seem to do _any_ completion,

   Suggestions?  Help?  Hints?


   P.S. I'm trying to do this inside a "Accept" presentation-method.

Which of the completion functions are you using?

I think you want to use #\Return as your activation gesture, and
#\Space as a "partial completer" (known as the "delimiter" in some opf
the completion functions).

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