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Re: Acceptance of Accepting Values Panes

> Some user testing showed, that 
>     1. Users don't want to move the pointer into a text-field if
>        there's only one at all. They immediately start typing 
>        if the pointer is already in the AVPane.
>         -- This has disturbing consequences: Characters are printed
>        somewhere into the AVP itself or into other Panes, only Control-Z
>        will lead out of this. 
>     2. Users want to type <Return> instead of clicking the OK Button

Similar experience here -- these problems are very consistent across
users with various backgrounds. 

It's unfortunate that a significant opportunity to come up with a usable
standard was missed when early CLIM designers apparently assumed that
existing interaction procedures they were familiar with were usable.  It
would have been nice to see the CLIM standard justified by user testing.
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