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A question about scroll-bar behavior (I'm using the standard Motif
scroll-bars, not the home-grown ones):

The current behavior for "dragging the elevator" is that the image in the
window is also "dragged", that is the scroll-position of the window keeps
up with the position of the elevator.

The previous behavior (i.e. in previous releases of CLIM) was that you
dragged the elevator and then scrolling only occured once when you released
the elevator (that is the call-back only occured when the button was

Question:  Is there some way of specifying that the Motif scroll-bars
work in the second, "only scroll once" manner?

If there is not, as a work-around, since I am already handling the
call-back from the scroll-bars myself, is there some way I can query the
scroll-bar to see if it's in a pointer-button-down state when I receive a
scrolling call-back ?

(In the worse case I can try to query the pointer-state directly when I
receive the call-back.  However this presupposes I receive a final
call-back when the pointer-button is released.  Does this happen?)

Thanks much

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