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MCL 2.0.1, CLIM 1.1 w/patches 1 - 6

I arrive in the debugger because my default-text-style's "size
component is not numeric" and "This display device doesn't know
how to map logical text style sizes".

Well, okay, it says that not every device has a mapping for every
logical text style (not even sans-serif roman smaller?), but clim
gives me no way (I can figure out) to find out what logical text
styles are unmapped - What are the arguments to text-style-mapping
(and I don't mean their names - what's a character set, how'm I to
find the display device?

But, when I look at the stack, I'm getting this error (apparently)
because CLIM is trying to figure out how big to make the cursor in my
application pane. But I don't have :initial-cursor-visibility set
(it's supposed to default to :inactive, meaning no cursor ever) and
even if I explicitly set it, this is where I end up in the debugger.

Now, of course my application frame is enormously complex, but I'll
point out that the following puts me in the debugger as well:

(define-application-frame foo () ()
  (:panes ((foo-pane :applications :initial-cursor-visibility :on))))

Of course it complains about "No applicable methods for (nil nil
#<text-style ...> nil)", but it seems to point to a strongly related
problem.  My original bug appears in the midst of a
"redisplay-frame-panes" call that is part of getting the frame
displayed the first time. The included example puts one in the
debugger in the course of doing an initial make-instance on the pane.

Thanks for any pointers.

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