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   Date: Fri, 11 Mar 1994 21:46-0600
   From: David Gadbois <>

   If you need to be able to talk to another frame while it is not waiting
   for input or tracking the mouse, you'll need to interrupt the process.
   Most CL's with multiple threads have some way of doing that.  Here are
   some common ones:

   (defun interrupt-process (process function &rest args)
     #+Genera  (apply #'process:process-interrupt process function args)
     #+Lucid   (apply #'lcl:interrupt-process process function args)
     #+Allegro (apply #'mp:process-interrupt process function args)
     #-(or Genera Lucid Allegro)
     (error "Don't know how to do ~S." 'interrupt-process)


#+lispworks (apply #'mp:process-interrupt process function args)

But let's not forget that CLIM already provides a portable interface
to all these:

(clim-sys:process-interrupt process #'(lambda () (apply function args)))

        Lawrence G. Mayka
        AT&T Bell Laboratories

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