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MCL 2.0.1, CLIM 1.1 & patches 1 - 6

Minor problems:

(1) When you click off of a with-menu window, the window
    is buried, but doesn't get killed.

(2) When I ask for panes not to have borders, they do anyway.

(3) When I specify a background (gray color on a B&W screen)
    the frame comes up correctly, but the frame parts under a
    pop-up window lose their background color when the pop-up
    window goes away - the presentations are redrawn, but not
    the background color.

(4) To make things pretty, my frame has some "fill panes" which
    just take up space. They're defined as follows:

     (fill-pane-2 :application
		  :stream-background (make-gray-color .73)
		  :display-after-commands nil
		  :borders nil
		  :scroll-bars nil)

    These come up with borders (shouldn't) AND they're displayed
    background is +white+.

If anyone has some quick answers, they'd be appreciated ...

Thanks, Richard

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