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Clim Listener demo extension

   Date: Fri, 18 Mar 1994 16:36:46 -0500
   From: Adam Carlson <>

   Clim 1.1
     Lucid 4.1 - Sparc
     Lispworks 3.1 - Sparc & Alpha
   Clim 2.0 beta
     Lucid 4.1 - Sparc
     Lispworks 3.2b1 - Alpha

   I have an application which has a command reader based on the listener code
   which is part of the clim demo files.  I have encountered a number of problems
   on different plaforms/lisp implementations.

   Below I include source code which duplicates these bugs.

   3) How do I get pointer-documentation to work in clim 2?

   I've tried using :pointer-documentation t in the define-application-frame.  I
   saw that in other peoples code.  I've also tried using a pane of type
   :pointer-documentation.  The problem there is that I can't get it to be just
   one line high, it's relative to the size of the window.  Even then I can get a
   pointer documentation pane to show up, but nothing ever appears in it.

   This is demonstrated in the define-application-frame and the various
   presentation translators which have pointer-documentation below.

I just fixed this in the Harlqn sources.  Try compiling this for CLIM 2.0,
and continue to use the :POINTER-DOCUMENTATION pane type.

(in-package :clim-internals)
(define-pane-type :pointer-documentation (&rest options)
  (declare (non-dynamic-extent options))
     :type 'pointer-documentation-pane
     :display-after-commands nil
     :text-style (parse-text-style '(:sans-serif :bold :normal))
     :scroll-bars nil
     :max-width +fill+
     :height '(1 :line) :max-height '(1 :line)
     :end-of-page-action :allow
     :end-of-line-action :allow))

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