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Disabling background graying?

>   Date: Fri, 25 Mar 94 10:57:54 -0500
>   From: "Steven L. Smith" <>

>   Whenever I use ACCEPTING-VALUES with :OWN-WINDOW t option running
>   under CLIM 2.1 (Symbolics) the background window grays out. However,
>   using the DW:ACCEPTING-VALUES doesn't gray out the bg window. Is there
>   a way to disable the bg window from graying out?

There seems to be no common way for this in CLIM. But the following little
Symbolics hack does this stuff for you.

(defun change-screen-deexposed-coloring (&optional (set-on nil))
  "Turn background window graying ON or OFF - only needed for genera"
  (if set-on 
      (tv:set-screen-deexposed-gray (eval (second tv:*gray-arrays*)))
      (tv:set-screen-deexposed-gray nil)))



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