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Presentation-types and parameters

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   Date: 29 Mar 94 16:25:02+0200
   From: "Gilles DEFLANDRE - FT.CNET/LAA/EIA/AIA" <>

   hi everybody,

   I'd like to define my own presentation-types for sets and ordered lists,
   with sets inheriting from clim predefined presentation type 'sequence
   and lists inheriting from sets. 

   Let's take the example of sets, I define it like :
    (define-presentation-type sets (type) :inherit-from `(sequence ,type))
   I also provide the folowing methods :
     - presentation-typep and presentation-subtypep with (call-next-method)
     - my own present and accept methods

   All these methods seem to work properly, but whenever my mouse happen
   to pass over such a displayed object, the program crashes with this error: 
     Error: missing value for argument TYPE

   When traced, the program seem to stop when calling :

   Has amybody had such a problem, and how have you solved it ?

This means that something, somewhere, has failed to fill in the
required TYPE parameter to your SETS type.  Probably your subtypep or
typep methods.


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