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Clim Listener demo extension

   Date: Fri, 18 Mar 1994 16:36:46 -0500
   From: Adam Carlson <>

   Clim 1.1
     Lucid 4.1 - Sparc
     Lispworks 3.1 - Sparc & Alpha
   Clim 2.0 beta
     Lucid 4.1 - Sparc
     Lispworks 3.2b1 - Alpha

   1) Command name completion doesn't work. (Clim 1 & Clim 2)

   If there are two commands, (com-foo :name "Foo") and (com-foo-bar :name "Foo
   Bar"), then in order to use the first command, you must type return after
   typing :foo, but _before_ hitting space.  This is especially annoying in
   harlequin where tab isn't a completion character, so you have to type space to
   do command name completion and then hit backspace so that the longer command
   name isn't assumed.  This causes problems if the command takes arguments,

Completion gestures, like other "magic" input editing gestures, can
usually be set up by the user.  These are the additional gestures I
set up for Harlequin CLIM 2.0-beta:

(clim:define-gesture-name :help :keyboard (:h :control) :unique nil)
(clim:define-gesture-name :complete :keyboard (:tab :control) :unique nil)
(clim:define-gesture-name :preview-command :keyboard (:tab :meta) :unique nil)
(clim:define-gesture-name :ie-clear-input :keyboard (:backspace :control) :unique nil)

Thus, #\Control-Tab acts as a completion gesture for me in the
circumstance you describe.

        Lawrence G. Mayka
        AT&T Bell Laboratories

Standard disclaimer.

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