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Re: Multiple Application Frames

>Date: Tue, 5 Apr 94 07:50:59 EDT
>From: "James L. Robins" <>
>Subject: Multiple Application Frames
>	The short answer is to rebind the variable
>*application-frame*, which is recreated for every application-frame,
>and use process-run-function to handle the application-top-level.

The variable *APPLICATION-FRAME* is something that needs to be handled with
especial care when running multiple application frames.  Much code has been
written that uses this variable as quick and easy way to get ones hands on
"The Frame" while down in the bowels of the code.

However, this is an easy way to lose quickly if more than one frame is
running and if there is any interaction between the them.  For example,
consider a command in Frame A that causes a side-effect in Frame B; any of
the code on Frame B that depends on the variable *APPLICATION-FRAME* will
lose in potentially nasty ways.

A word to the wise...


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