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old, repeat question

   Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 13:03:45 EDT
   From: Jim Sims <>

    CLIM 1.1, various platforms before, currently Allegro

    I think i saw this about a year or two ago: Whenever I execute
    clim::set-frame-layout inside a function (say bar), no other code in
    the calling function (say foo) gets executed. Is there a way around

In CLIM 1, set-frame-layout is documented (e.g. see the 'Bolics CLIM
1.1 manual, p 375) to do a throw to the top-level loop.  Moral: do
what you need to do before calling it, or set some state-flag that you
examine next time around the command loop.  It's unfortunate that it
had to be done this way, but the number of things that can get out of
sync when you change layouts is surprisingly large.

The same is true of (setf frame-current-layout) in CLIM 2.


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