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Consider the following form:

(clim:with-room-for-graphics ()
  (clim:surrounding-output-with-border (nil :line-thickness 20
					    :ink clim:+yellow+)
    (write-string "Hello world")))

On both implementations at my disposal, evaluating this in a CLIM
Listener draws the border rectangle along the same path as if it were
thin (i.e., of default thickness).  The net result is that the
"border" region totally includes (i.e., acts as a background for) the
enclosed text.  This seems much less useful, and less appropriate for
the macro's name, than to draw the border so that its region lies just
outside the enclosed text (i.e., taking into account the current
line-thickness), especially if the border's ink is the same or similar
to the enclosed text's.  I guess I could use CLIM:DEFINE-BORDER-TYPE
to define my own parallel set of shapes that don't encroach on what
they enclose.  Any other suggestions?

        Lawrence G. Mayka
        AT&T Bell Laboratories

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