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   Date: Fri, 6 May 94 10:49:07 EDT
   From: pchu@BBN.COM
   Sender: pchu@BBN.COM
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   Colin Meldrum writes:
    > The code is trivial...
    > (define-pane-type :menu-bar (&rest options &key command-table)
    >   (declare (non-dynamic-extent options))
    >   (with-keywords-removed (options options '(:command-table))
    >     `(make-pane 'menu-bar 
    > 		,@options
    > 		:command-table ,(or command-table
    > 				    `(frame-command-table frame)))))

   Is DEFINE-PANE-TYPE a "standard" CLIM way to define pane
   abbreviations? If so, it would give me a way to specify a common pane
   appearance used throughout a particular application.

DEFINE-PANE-TYPE is exported from the CLIM package in all CLIM
implementations.  You can safely use it.

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