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<P><LI>A Common Lisp HTTP server is available from MIT.  It is described in <a
HREF="">John C.
Mallery, ``A Common LISP Hypermedia Server,'' <I> Proceedings of The First
International Conference on The World-Wide Web</I>, Geneva: CERN, May 25,
1994.</A> The paper include pointers for obtaining distribution tape images
for Symbolics Lisp Machines (Genera 8.3) as well as links for accessing the
source code.

<P>Please send mail to Bug-CL-HTTP@Research.AI.MIT.EDU if you come up with any
notable application, you are interested in porting the server to additional
platforms (i.e., hooking it up to the network), or you come up a some features
other people might like.  You will find in this first release the rudiments of
a client. We expect to add our CLIM-based automatic form processing to this
server in a later release. Have fun!

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