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Re: Suggest approach to accepting-values dialog

  Date: Tue, 17 May 1994 08:03:07 -0700
  From: Curt Eggemeyer <>

  In Clim2.0 land, when you use the :own-window t option in accepting-values,
  does clim automatically generate a new window each time it is called, or
  is it smart enough to reuse one previously generated?

No, a new application frame is created each time.

  In my particular application, I have a very extensive accepting-values
  dialog (could have a hundred or more accepts) that is used fairly often
  and in the old clim1.1 scheme used a separate pane layout to bring it to
  the forefront when the user wanted to "tweak" an object. Now, I would like
  to have it pop up as a tied-in window to the application frame.
  Any suggestions on what is the best way to implementate this (ala my own
  make-pane or make-clim-application-pane, of which I'm not sure how to tie
  in with my application frame)?

The following example specializes the puzzle demo to use a modal dialog..

(in-package :clim-user)

(defclass popup-puzzle (clim-demo::puzzle) ())

(defmethod tk-silica::popup-frame-p ((frame popup-puzzle))

(defun popup-puzzle (stream)
  (let ((frame (make-application-frame 'popup-puzzle
		 :calling-frame (pane-frame stream)
		 ;; this makes sure that repaint event on the parent
		 ;; frame are dealt with correctly
		 :input-buffer (stream-input-buffer stream))))
	(run-frame-top-level frame)
      (destroy-frame frame))))

Note that this uses undocumented internal Allegro specific functionality
and all the usual caveats apply. The method on POPUP-FRAME-P causes the new
window to be created as a transient window for the parent using a modal
dialog shell - rather than using a regular top-level-shell. This
distinction may not apply for other window systems. On other implementations
and window systems it may only be necessary to specify :CALLING-FRAME in the

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