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Job Description for 4E CS Position

I hope CLIM job postings are not considered inappriate here. In any
case, here's one:

 >       BBN
 > BBN Systems and Technologies provides research, development and
 > engineering services in the physical and information sciences.
 > We are looking for a talented Software Engineer to participate in the
 > development and implementation of advanced software technologies
 > involving distributed client server systems for scientific data analysis
 > and visualization, relational and object oriented databases, graphical
 > user interfaces, software process modeling, and the development and
 > customization of tools for software re-engineering and maintenance.  We
 > are looking for an outstanding individual with experience in technical
 > applications who can actively contribute to the design and development
 > of new code, as well as the integration of existing commercial software. 
 > Qualified applicants will have a BS/MS in Computer Science, or a
 > Physics/Math/Engineering degree with excellent computer skills. You must
 > have strong programming skills with LISP, CLIM, and C/C++ in a UNIX
 > environment (X-Windows, Motif, etc.), demonstrated system development
 > experience, and the communication and interpersonal skills to work
 > effectively within a small team with extensive customer contact. 
 > Specific background and experience with any of the technologies
 > mentioned above will be a plus.
 > Also, applicants selected will be subject to a security investigation
 > and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified
 > information.
 > BBN offers an outstanding benefits package including 3 weeks vacation,
 > 100% tuition reimbursement, a profit sharing retirement trust and a
 > 401(k) program, a stock purchase plan, medical and dental insurance,
 > on-site exercise facilities, and much more.
 > Please send, fax or e-mail your resume to
 > Leslie Tillotson BBN Systems and Technologies MS 6/6e 10 Moulton St.
 > Cambridge,  MA  02138
 > FAX: (617) 873-3099

Phil Chu

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