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Menu-bar menu command args

   Date: Tue, 17 May 1994 14:16:45 -0700
   From: "Rick D." <>

    ... ACL 4.2 final on a Sparc 10.


   (define-command-table mycommands)

   (define-command (com-show-object :menu "Show" :command-table mycommands)
       ((object 'myobject :gesture :select))
     (show-object object))

   and then in the define-application-frame 

   (:command-table (myframe :inherit-from (mycommands) :inherit-menu t))

Note extra parens.

   But if I change this last bit to:

   (:command-table (myframe :inherit-from (mycommands) 
                            :menu (("Mymenu" :menu mycommands))))


   and I then select the command from the menu, I get no prompt (even with an
   interactor pane present), and CLIM simply *beeps* at me (but I see no other

This works for me, in LispWorks 3.2, CLIM 2 Beta 7.  I suggest you
look at exactly what the menu item thinks it has as a value.

Something of the sort:

   #'(lambda (name key item)
       (let ((item-value (command-menu-item-value item)))
         (format t "~S ==> ~S" name item-value)))
   (find-command-table 'mycommands))

should print something like:



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