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Caching CLIM generated menus?

   Date: Thu, 02 Jun 94 12:37:42 -0400
   From: kanderso@BBN.COM

     From: Scott McKay <>
     Date: Thu, 2 Jun 94 11:06:01 EDT
     To: kanderso@BBN.COM
     Cc:,, clim@BBN.COM,
     Subject: Caching CLIM generated menus? 


     The hash table would get enormous, and the amount of data each entry
     hangs on to is not exactly small.  I will try to come up with
     something an application can use on a case by case basis (where one
     "case" is a presentation-type X input context), but that's the best I
     can do.  In general, CLIM just can't do this automatically, it's just
     too expensive.

   I think an application based approach would be good.  Also, a finite cache
   might be good too, say only keeping the last few (10?) menus.

I just started prototyping this.  I was, unfortunately, more correct
about my "CLIM can't just do this..." claim than I would like.
There's still good stuff we can do, but it will have limitations.

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