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FIX: AROMA 0.5.8 available

I've just checked in, updated in common, and dumped images for AROMA
0.5.8.  This version fixes several bugs, most of which were
discovered by Byron (thanks!).  As well, I've fixed the annoying
hash-table explosion problem that many of you experienced at one
point or another.  Here's the details:

- It was possible to choose Edit/Detach/Describe | Part/Refinement
from the menu, and then select any object, causing a crash.  I've
fixed things so that you can only select a part or refinement, as

- I cleaned up some presentation methods, so now when you pop up the
right button menu on an object, all of the commands look right.

- The system would crash if you selected "Load Library" or "Solve
Displayed Task" with no current task.  This is fixed.

- Various hash-tables used by AROMA were constantly growing in size,
finally to the point where CLIM would crash with an out-of-memory
error.  This is now fixed.  You may want to consider manually editing
the following files in your systems:, .lib-*.cl, .stu-*.cl.
This editing should remove every occurrence of the :size keyword in
all calls to make-hash-table.  From then on, everything will work

Next: I'll be adding commands for copying objects and moving/copying
parts, refinements, and clusters.


Randy A. Coulman, M.Sc.         |       ARIES Laboratory
Research Assistant              |       Department of Computational Science
                                |       University of Saskatchewan             |       Saskatoon, SK   S7N 0W0             

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