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hitting return for "OK"/exit in AVV

#+ACL 4.2
#+CLIM 2.0
#+Motif 1.X?

I use accepting-values with :own-window t a bunch, for quickie pop-up
value entry, and I (and my customer) would like to have the return key
be equivalent to clicking on the "OK" button. I know this is possible
in Motif (and just about everywhere else), but is there any kind of
built-in way to do it, or do I have to write my own frame and tell it
to use read-command-using-keystrokes and create commands with
keystrokes that appear to correspond to various clicks...

in typical Motif apps, there is a button on a dialog-window that has a
black rectangle around indicating that hitting return is the same as
clicking on it. I want that exact same behavior. I'd like it to be an
easy part of existing stuff, but if it's not, I can hack up my own...

ideas, anyone?

 -- clint


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