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Manual REDISPLAY of output records

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Macintosh System Software 7.0.1, 1152x802 Screen with Genera fonts, Machine serial number 30102, Macintosh Quadra 950, Symbolics Keyboard,
world booted from FEP0:>Inc-CLIM-ECO-from-Genera-8-3-sys.ilod.1 on Symbolics MacIvory model 3 #30102 (BITTERROOT):

0I'm sorry about all the mail on this topic, but I can't figure
out what's going on with manual redisplay of output records.
I can't get them to redisplay in the right location -- even
after having tried several different combinations of translating 
output-record and output-record-parent locations.  Here is a 
complete example, to run it type (test) and click on things.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: Common-lisp; Package: USER; Base: 10;  -*-

(defpackage :table-test
  (:use CLIM-LISP CLIM))

(in-package :table-test)

(defparameter *tracks* nil)

(defun test (&key (port (clim:find-port)))
  (setf *nav-width* 300)
    ((framem (find-frame-manager :port port))
     (frame (make-application-frame 'table-frame
	      :pretty-name "ASAPS Frame"
	      :frame-manager framem
	      :height 600
	      :width *nav-width*
    (setf *frame* frame
	  *tracks* (loop for i below 1
			 collecting (make-instance 'track) into tracks
			 finally (return tracks)))
    (run-frame-top-level frame)))

(defclass data-navigator-view (textual-view) ())
(defparameter +data-navigator-view+ (make-instance 'data-navigator-view))

(define-application-frame table-frame ()
  (:command-table (table-frame :inherit-from (accept-values-pane)))
    (title-nav   :title
		 :display-string "Data Navigator")
    (nav         :application

 		 :incremental-redisplay t	;Supplies outermost updating-output for nav pane
		 :display-after-commands nil

 		 :display-function 'draw-data-navigator-display
		 :name :navigation
		 :scroll-bars :both
		 :end-of-page-action :scroll
		 :initial-cursor-visibility :inactive
    (pointer     :pointer-documentation)
    (menu     :command-menu))
  (:menu-bar nil)				; Suppress menu bar at the top
      (vertically ()
	(.05 title-nav)				;(:compute title-nav)
	(:fill nav)
	(.05 menu)				;(:compute menu)
	(.04 pointer)				;(:compute pointer)

(define-table-frame-command (com-exit-table-frame
			      :menu "Exit"
			      :name "Exit table formatter")
  (frame-exit *application-frame*))

(defclass track ()
    ((exposed :accessor exposed :initform nil)
     (data :initform (make-grid))))

(defclass spot ()
    ((beam :initarg :beam :accessor beam)
     (sector :initarg :sector :accessor sector)
     (shown :initarg :shown
	    :initform nil
	    :accessor shown)
       :initarg :color
       :accessor color)
       :initform nil
       :accessor output-record)

(define-presentation-type spot ()
  :options (size))

(defun make-grid ()
  (let* ((display-width *nav-width*)
	 (beams 2)
	 (sectors 2)
	 (array (make-array `(,beams ,sectors))))
    (loop for beam from 0 below beams
      (loop for sector below sectors
	(setf (aref array beam sector)
	      (make-instance 'spot :beam beam :sector sector
			     :color +green+))))

(defmethod draw-data-navigator-display ((frame table-frame) stream)
  (stream-set-cursor-position stream 0 0)
  (dolist (track *tracks*)
    (UPDATING-OUTPUT (stream :unique-id track :cache-value (exposed track))
      (present track 'track :stream stream :view +data-navigator-view+ :sensitive t)
      (multiple-value-bind (xoff yoff)
	  (stream-cursor-position stream)
	(with-translation (stream (+ xoff 10) yoff)
	  (with-slots (exposed) track
	    (when exposed (draw-table-and-axes track stream))))))))

(defmethod draw-table-and-axes ((track Track) stream)
  (with-slots (data) track
    (updating-output (stream)
      (loop with size = 50
	    for beam from 0 below (array-dimension data 0)
	(loop for sector from 0 below (array-dimension data 1)
	      for spot = (aref data beam sector)
	  (setf (beam spot) beam
		(sector spot) sector
		(output-record spot)
		  (UPDATING-OUTPUT (stream :unique-id spot :cache-value (color spot))
		    (present spot `((spot) :size ,size)
			     :stream stream :view +data-navigator-view+)))))))))

(define-presentation-method present
			    (object (type track) stream
				    (view data-navigator-view) &key)
  (format stream "~A~&" (type-of object)))

(define-table-frame-command (expose-track :name "Show")
    ((object 'track))
  (setf (exposed object) (not (exposed object))))

(define-presentation-to-command-translator expose-track
    (track expose-track table-frame
	   :gesture :select
 	   ;;:tester ((object) (not (exposed object)))
	   ;;:documentation ((stream object)
	   ;;		       (format-documentation stream (if (typep object 'track) "Open" "Show") object))
	   :pointer-documentation ((stream object)
				   (format-loc stream (if (exposed object) "Open" "Close") object))

(defmethod format-loc (stream string (object spot))
  (with-slots (beam sector) object
    (with-slots (clim-utils::left clim-utils::top) (output-record object)
      (let ((x clim-utils::left)
	    (y clim-utils::top))
	(with-slots (clim-utils::left clim-utils::top) (output-record-parent (output-record object))
	  (let ((x-p clim-utils::left)
		(y-p clim-utils::top))
	    (multiple-value-bind (x-r y-r)
		(output-record-position (output-record object))
	      (format stream "~:(~A (beam ~d sector ~d x ~d y ~d parent x ~d y ~d Record x ~d y ~d) ~A~)"
		      string (1+ beam) (1+ sector) x y x-p y-p x-r y-r
		      (type-of object)))))))))

(define-presentation-method present
			    (spot (type spot) stream
				  (view data-navigator-view) &key)
  ;; Note, size is a spot presentation type option, and is bound within the present
    (with-slots (beam sector color) spot
	(let ((x (* beam size))
	      (y (* sector size)))
	  (with-translation (stream x y)
	(draw-rectangle* stream 0 0 size size :filled t :ink color))

(define-table-frame-command (highlite-spot :name "Show")
    ((spot 'spot) (stream 'application-pane))
  (setf (color spot) (if (eq (color spot) +green+) +red+ +green+)
	(shown spot) (not (shown spot)))
      (multiple-value-bind (xoff yoff)
	  (convert-from-relative-to-absolute-coordinates stream (output-record-parent (output-record spot)))
	(multiple-value-bind (x y)
	    (output-record-position (output-record spot))
	  (translate-coordinates xoff yoff x y)
	  (with-translation (stream x y)
	    (redisplay (output-record spot) stream)

(define-presentation-to-command-translator highlite-spot
    (spot highlite-spot table-frame
	  :gesture :select
	  :pointer-documentation ((stream object)
				  (format-loc stream (if (eql (color object) +red+) "Close" "Open") object)))
    (object window)
  `(,object ,window))

;(defun foo (stream record)
;  (when record
;    (describe record)
;    (multiple-value-bind (x y)
;	(output-record-position record)
;      (multiple-value-bind (x1 y1)
;	  (convert-from-relative-to-absolute-coordinates stream record)
;	(multiple-value-bind (x2 y2)
;	    (convert-from-relative-to-absolute-coordinates nil record)
;	  (with-slots (clim-utils:left clim-utils:top) record
;	    (format t "~&---------------~&POSITION ~D ~D REL-TO-ABS(STREAM) ~D ~D REL-TO-ABS(NIL) ~D ~D LEFT-TOP ~D ~D~&---------------"
;		    x y x1 y1 x2 y2 clim-utils:left clim-utils:top)))))
;    (foo stream (output-record-parent record))))

;(defun map-over-output-record-tree
;       (function stream record &optional (region clim:+everywhere+))
;  (declare (dynamic-extent function))
;  (labels (( map-internal (rec x-offset y-offset)
;	     (multiple-value-bind (xoff yoff)
;		 (output-record-position rec)
;	       (translate-coordinates x-offset y-offset xoff yoff)
;	       (unless (eql rec record)		;not the first time
;		 (funcall function stream rec))
;	       (map-over-output-records-overlapping-region #'map-internal rec region
;							   (- x-offset) (- y-offset) xoff yoff))))
;    (declare (dynamic-extent #'map-internal))
;    (multiple-value-bind (x-offset y-offset)
;	(convert-from-relative-to-absolute-coordinates
;	  nil (output-record-parent record))
;      (map-internal record x-offset y-offset))))

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