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Re: CLIM for non-English-language interfaces

> Has anyone actually written CLIM programs that present a
> non-English-language interface?  For the moment, I'm not even
> considering non-Latin alphabets.  Has anyone adapted CLIM and their
> CLIM program for, say, French or Spanish or German or Polish?  I
> presume that the program must use a lookup table to translate all
> words and phrases into the appropriate language; and CLIM's text
> styles have to be mapped to the appropriate fonts; but what else needs
> to be done?
> -- 
>         Lawrence G. Mayka
>         AT&T Bell Laboratories

I made the same enquiry some time ago and did get some replies + code.
Since it is 50K I put it in 


We are currently doing a bilingual english/french version of an
english system. All I can say: It is messy.... Especially if you
want to have a bi-lingual system in load or run-time. 

Clim widgets are bad, since there are no standard functions to change
menu strings, and such... Format strings are bad because of syntax.
Most other things can be done easily with lookup tables though.

Btw fonts are not bad for most European languages (since you can use
ISO-8859-1 for all of them, don't know about Polish).

 - greetings - Daniel


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