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compiling differences between ACL CLIM 2.0 and other versions

I am working on a list of differences between ACL CLIM 2.0 and other
versions of CLIM 2.0.  I have the documentation for Symbolics CLIM 2.0.  I
have a few questions regarding layouts in define-application-frame for the
non-ACL CLIM 2.0 community.

I am not passing judgement on the validity of any one implementation nor on
how close one or the other conforms to the specifications.  I am just trying
to get a feel for where the versions differ.  This is an information
gathering exercise.  I will post the final list of differences to the clim
group once I have completed it.  Thank you in advance for your help.

Are :layouts required whenever you define :panes?  In the examples in the
Symbolics manual, it seems that just :panes can be defined and a default
layout is produced.  Is this indeed the behavior?

Can :compute be used in the :layouts portion of the spec?  For example, is
the following definition of a frame correct given apropriate definitions for
the display-functions?  If not, what are the conditions, if any, under which
:compute is a legal option in the :layouts for define-application-frame?

(define-application-frame test-frame ()
  ((text :initform "Just a test" :initarg :text accessor text)
   (filename :initform "~/clim1-2diffs":initarg :filename :accessor filename))
    (text-pane :application :display-function 'show-test-text)
     (file-pane  :application :display-function 'display-filename)
    (pointer-documentation :pointer-documentation :height '(1 :line)
                           :max-height '(1 :line) :min-height '(1 :line)))
   (normal (clim:vertically ()
                 (:fill text-pane )
                 (:compute file-pane)
                  pointer-documentation )))
  (:documentation "Just a test case."))

Can the size-spec defined as a list of a real number and an units
designation (one of :line, :character, :mm, :point or :pixel) be used in the
:layouts portion of define-application-frame?  See text-pane in the :layouts
in the following example.

(define-application-frame test-frame ()
  ((text :initform "Just a test" :initarg :text accessor text)
   (filename :initform "~/clim1-2diffs" initarg :filename :accessor filename))
    (text-pane :application :display-function 'show-test-text)
     (file-pane  :application :display-function 'display-filename))
  (:pointer-documentation t)
   (normal (clim:vertically ()
                 ((20 :line) text-pane )
  (:documentation "Just a test case."))

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