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Translations and a fast highlight-output-record for lines

In light of the discussion on replaying output records and the
difficulty in getting the translations correct, will the following
function always translate correctly, or have I just been lucky?

(defmethod clim:highlight-output-record
	   ((record clim-internals::lines-output-record) stream state)
  (declare (ignore state))
  (when stream
    (multiple-value-bind (xoff yoff)
	  stream (output-record-parent record))
      (with-translation (stream xoff yoff)
			(with-drawing-options (stream :ink +flipping-ink+
						      :line-style (make-line-style :thickness 2))
					      (with-slots (clim-internals::position-seq) record
							  (medium-draw-lines* stream clim-internals::position-seq)


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