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Using an open-window-stream

[This is with CLIM-1.1 running on an RS6000 with Lucid 4.0]

I am building an app that is very hungry for screen real estate, and so I would
like to be able to have on the screen simultaneously the application frame,
where the user would do most interactions, and a separate window that the user
could refer to.  I have been able to open a separate window with the following

(defun make-popup-window-stream ()
  (let ((root-window (clim:window-parent
    (multiple-value-bind (root-width root-height)
      (clim:window-inside-size root-window)
       :parent root-window
       :width  (floor (* 0.5 root-width))
       :height (floor (* 0.5 root-height))
       :left   (floor (* 0.45 root-width))
       :top    (floor (* 0.45 root-height))))))

and, by setting the result of a call to this function to a global variable, I
have been able to write to this stream.  However, writing to this popped-up
window stream from within a clim:with-output-as-presentation fails to produce
output that is sensitive to the mouse, although it is of the same presentation
type that makes objects within the application-frame's panes sensitive.

Is it possible to write sensitive output to such a stream?


John Everett
The Institute for the Learning Sciences
Northwestern University  


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