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Query: Amount of RAM needed for CLX etc. under Linux

	Apropos Bjoern Hoeflin's questions concerning 
	user interface tools:

	I am currently setting up Linux to coexist with OS/2
	on an Intel 80486 based PC. How much RAM do I need

	1) To be able to run XFree. The Linux docs talk about
	8Mb, but will that be sufficient to do anything useful
	in addition to just running the GUI?

	2) To be able to run CLX under CLISP on top of X - and if
	I add CLUE, (Garnet, XIT), then how much. And when I am
	ready to implement something useful under those GUIs,
	then how much RAM should I calculate. In my case 'something
	useful' most probably has to do with natural language 

	3) Hard disk space required during compilation and setup,
	assuming some of the sources can then be deleted, if I
	do not have to rebuild the system frequently.

	I am also planning to use CLISP plus any feasable combination
	of the above mentioned GUIs on a HP 9000s700 running 
	HP-UX 8.07 and HP-VUE. Consequently, I would appreciate
	VERY much to share any experiences of possible quirks
	associated with these HP systems

	Thanks in advance,
	Arne Larsson
Arne Larsson			Nokia Telecommunications
Translator			Transmission Systems, Customer Services
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larsson@ntcclu.ntc.nokia.com	Phone +358 0 5117476, Fax +358 0 51044287