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New CLISP version

Once more, there is a new version of CLISP at the usual place:
ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de:/pub/lisp/clisp/source .

The list of supported platforms now include 386BSD 0.1, Coherent 386,
Sun3/SunOS4 and DEC5000/Ultrix.

Excerpt from the change log:

User visible changes

* New macro DEFPACKAGE.


* New package SCREEN containing some functions for random screen access
  (Unix, DOS, OS/2, Atari, VMS versions only).

* X3J13 vote <5> is implemented: The value of *APPLYHOOK* must now be
  a function of two arguments.

* X3J13 vote <104> is implemented: COMPILE-FILE now binds *READTABLE*.

* X3J13 vote <161> is implemented: SHADOW now accepts strings as well
  as symbols.

* Fixed a bug in the compiler which caused the compiler to crash when
  compiling (CASE key ...) forms with constant key.

* Fixed a bug in the compiler which produced unloadable .fas files
  when compiling forms like (SETF ... (FUNCTION LIST)).

* Fixed a bogus error message in the AREF function.

* The built-in editor on Unix now handles the Delete key the same way
  as the Backspace key or Ctrl-H.

* Fixed a bug in + that occasionally caused (- x x) to return a
  long-float zero which was not EQL to the other zeroes of type LONG-FLOAT.

* Fixed a bug: Correctly do round-to-even when adding two long-floats.

* Fixed a bug: The destructive sequence functions DELETE etc. failed to
  produce an error when called on a sequence of type LIST and with an :END
  argument larger than the list's length.

* Corrected the branch cuts of the complex ATAN and ATANH functions.


* 68000 and other versions: Fixed a bug in the low-level division algorithm.

* Mips and Vax versions: Finished the low-level number crunching routines.

* Added Ultrix support.

* Added Coherent support.

* Finished Sun3 support.

Other modifications

* The file `src/defs2.lsp' contains a list of X3J13 votes and their current
  status in CLISP.

* The file `src/foreign.txt' documents how to do function calls to foreign
  language routines from within CLISP.

* Miscellaneous documentation updates.

                    Bruno Haible