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Re: Problems with Garnet-2.2

[Bela Pecsek describes problems (X FONT-ERROR) with garnet2.2beta & CLISP,
that occur only if a saved lisp image is restarted.]

I have encountered the same problems you described on a sun4.
I suppose the cause is that you did a plain (saveinitmem) to save your
Lisp image instead of using the special garnet functions
opal:disconnect-garnet before saving the image, and using
opal::initialize-x11-values after startup instead of the special
opal:reconnect-garnet call, which was designed for this purpose.

The Garnet 2.2 beta changes document also mentions a new call
opal:Make-Image (see section 5.12) which does all this, but
it seems that the current version doesn't support CLISP.
Adding a (saveinitmem) at the right spot in utils.lsp won't
be difficult though, but I haven't had the time to try this.
If this solves your problems, it would be convenient to merge this
fix to the main garnet source and adapt garnets README.CLISP to suggest
using this new function.

Remco Feenstra