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My last CLISP version

Once again, there is a new version of CLISP at the usual place:
ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de:/pub/lisp/clisp/source .

The change log is small since yesterday:


* Remove (incomplete) support for VMS.

Binaries have been rebuilt for:
  Sun4, SunOS 4           1130288 Jan  7 22:43 sun4-sunos4/clisp-english.tar.z
  DEC Alpha AXP, OSF 1.3  1446907 Jan  8 21:10 decalpha-osf/clisp.tar.z

This is my last release of CLISP. I have to concentrate on other things.
* I don't have the time to maintain CLISP any more.
* I don't have the time to port CLISP to any new architecture any more.
* I don't have the time to answer trivial questions about CLISP any more.

CLISP now needs new ideas for improvement and a new maintainer. If one of
you all on this mailing list volunteers to maintain CLISP, please let
us know. It's not that time consuming. Depending on your skills it may
be routine or it may be challenging. It may be fun in any case.

Until a new maintainer is found, any of you can submit patches. They will
be stored in
each consisting of a description and a context diff. Two patches are
already there.

                    Bruno Haible