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Re: Maintaining CLISP

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Bishop <jbishop@nwu.edu> writes:

Jeff> Has anyone tried building binaries for the Mac?  Is it possible,
Jeff> or are there some mutual incompatibilities?

I'd be inclined to follow the party line on this one.
Incompatibilities?  depends how you look at it :-).  CLISP GPL status
makes me feel like that isn't be something I should be considering.
This, and given the quality of MCL and XLISPSTAT for Macs, it's hard to
see a motivation for a port.  But I don't know the authors' opinion on
this matter -- if they were strong, naturally, I'd revise mine.

However, there is A/UX support already.  I'll help where I can on 
supporting that.  Mach-ten wouldn't be much work either.

Macintosh would be among the harder O.S.'s to port to.