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RE: Graphics in DOS

Apropos Williams question,

>     Also, if anyone has code for parsing, analyzing, comparing, displaying,
>or doing anything else to trees that will work under Clisp, I'd like to know
>about it.

I quote from lisp-ftp.faq:

   Peter Norvig's book "Paradigms of AI Programming" includes Common Lisp
   implementations of a prolog interpreter and compiler. The software is
   available by anonymous ftp from unix.sri.com:pub/norvig and on disk in
   Macintosh or DOS format from the publisher, Morgan Kaufmann.  For more
   information, contact: Morgan Kaufmann, Dept. P1, 2929 Campus Drive, Suite
   260, San Mateo CA 94403, (800) 745-7323; FAX: (415) 578-0672

Norvig will introduce you to the basics, and more can be found in:

   A catalog of free and commercial natural language software is
   available from the Natural Language Software Registry, by anonymous
   ftp from ftp.dfki.uni-sb.de in the directory /registry, or by email to

Musicologists may get ideas from:

   Common Music is a music composition language written in Common Lisp
   and CLOS that outputs music (directly or through scorefiles) to a
   variety of synthesis packages, such as the Music Kit, Common Lisp
   Music, MIDI, and CSound.  Common Music runs under MCL 2.0, Allegro CL
   3.1.2 (NeXT), AKCL 1.615 (NeXT), Allegro CL 4.1 beta (SGI Iris), and
   AKCL 6.15 (Sun4). It is available by anonymous ftp from
   ccrma-ftp.stanford.edu [] and ftp.zkm.de [] in
   the files pub/cm.tar.Z.  To be added to the mailing list, send mail to
   cmdist-request@ccrma.stanford.edu. For further information, contact
   Rick Taube, <hkt@zkm.de> or <hkt@ccrma.stanford.edu>.
   [Note: In the Common Music sources, there is a generic portable Lisp
   Listener style interpreter that supports command dispatching in
   addition to Lisp evaluation. It is the file ./utils/tl.lisp.]


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