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I have renamed my MAXIMA port for CLISP. It is now called PUNIMAX.
I had to do this because "Macsyma" is a registered trademark of
Macsyma Inc. So please stop talking about Maxima, talk about Punimax

Peter Olsen <pcolsen@super.org> noticed about Maxima in Jan.94 CLISP:

> Some of the commands work (mostly the directly numeric
> ones) but others don't work at all --- with DESCRIBE, HELP, and
> APROPOS being the most painful absences.
> This is probably due to catastrophic user failure

No, this was caused by the change of the semantics of FUNCTIONP in
the 1994-01-07 release of CLISP. This is fixed in the new PUNIMAX.


PUNIMAX is a computer algebra system which runs in CLISP, a Common Lisp
implementation by Bruno Haible and Michael Stoll.

It is based on MAXIMA, a Common Lisp implementation due to William F.
Schelter at Texas University, which itself is based on the original
implementation of Macsyma at MIT.

This is *not* free software. Because the MIT Macsyma code is copyrighted.
To use PUNIMAX or MAXIMA, you are required by US law to first obtain a
license from D.O.E. or one of the commercial licensees, then use the ftp'able
software as enhancements.

Licenses can be obtained from the ESTC, Argonne Ill. Currently their charge
for 1 machine is $165 to universities; site licenses are also available.

Historically, this situation arose from disputes in the U.S. over the
commercialization of partially-government-funded academic research.
Various U.S. governmental orders in the mid-1980's affirmed the rights of
universities to license such research results.

You can then get the PUNIMAX software via FTP from
ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de : /pub/math/punimax/punimax.tar.z .

Bruno Haible